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Monday, April 6, 2020
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Homage to Reverend Bailey of Monrovia’s Second Baptist Church

George Bailey
George Bailey in 1933. – Courtesy photo / Jessica Valentine Reverend George Godfrey Bailey was a good man. His main focus was on Monrovia’s children. Councilmember Larry Spicer remembers his mentor fondly, “He always told the youth that no matter what...

Preserving Monrovia’s Black History

“We are not makers of history. We are made by history,” said Dr. Martin Luther King. Black History Month was first officially recognized by President Ford in 1976. Black History Month had been earlier proposed by African American students at Kent State in 1969. They, in...

Monrovia League Hosts Two Upcoming Events

RD Players will re-enact as Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Courtesy photo / Image from American Monthly Review of Reviews, December 1902. The Monrovia League will be holding their monthly meeting Feb. 18 at St. Luke's Episcopal Church, 122 S. California...

Black History Month Focuses on Voter Rights, Suppression

Monrovia Duarte Black Alumni Association to hold a lecture on Voting Rights this Saturday African Americans and the Vote is the theme for this year’s Black History Month, a topical subject for an election year....

Monrovia Weekly – 02/03/2020


Weekend & Holiday Parking Fees Increasing at Monrovia Canyon Park

Monrovia Canyon Park
Beginning Feb. 1, parking fees for weekends and holidays will increase at Monrovia Canyon Park from $6 to $10. In the next few months, the City will be coordinating a study session on other possible parking options and rates for Canyon Park.

Popular Monrovia Photographer Goes Back to the Future with 35mm Film

Rick Keshishi
They shoot film, don’t they? By Terry Miller Many photographers are putting down their smartphones or digital cameras in favor of shooting the old-fashioned way. Like vinyl records, good old typewriters and other wonderful analog stuff, film has an...

Historical Society Remembers Louise Robertson at 40th Anniversary

The George Anderson House in 1979. - Photo Courtesy of Monrovia Historical Society The Monrovia Historical Society acknowledged Louise Robertson during their 40th anniversary celebration on Sunday. Robertson, who passed away in October, was...

Monrovia Weekly – 01/13/2020


From Slavery to Japanese Internment: A Family Embodies What it Means to Love Thy Neighbor

Barbara Jean and J-Flats neighbor circa 1940. - Photo courtesy of Barbara Williams By Susie Ling Marvin “Oka” Inouye was playing on Evergreen and Ivy — in the middle of the street. His neighbor, Barbara Jean (now...

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