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Low Voter Turnout in Monrovia’s Municipal Election

With 21,932 registered voters, this election turnout is one of the lowest By Susan Motander Voters in Monrovia turned out in low numbers, but those who did passed Measure K. The vote result was: 2,273 (or 62.89%)...

Monrovia Veterans Day Ceremony – Nov. 11

To celebrate Veterans Day, a ceremony will be held on Monday, Nov. 11 from 11 a.m. to noon to honor those who have served and those who are currently serving our nation. Attendees will include members of the American Legion Post 44. 

Breeders’ Cup 10th Santa Anita Visit Overshadowed by Another Equine Death

70,000 attended Saturday’s event By Terry Miller Horse lovers came from all over the world to witness the “World Series” of Horse Racing in Arcadia this past weekend. Ladies donned their finest and most outrageous, colorful and enormous hats...

Sales Tax Increase Passes in Special Election, Keeps Funds in Monrovia

Monrovians will pay increased local sales tax from 9.5% to 10.25%, the maximum allowed under state law, after Measure K passed during the special election Tuesday. Measure K, also known as the Keep Monrovia Revenues Local Sales Tax, was put on the...

City of Monrovia Warns of Utility Billing Scam

According to the most recent City Manager’s Update, the City of Monrovia has received reports that scammers pretending to represent the City of Monrovia Water Department are targeting customers by phone and requesting that they make an immediate payment to avoid their water service being shut...

Monrovia Student Suspended After Warning Peers of School Threat on Social Media

Parents say their son was wrongfully suspended from Monrovia High School after he warned others about a possible school shooting threat on social media in September. Wayne Perry believes the punishment for his son, who does not wish for his name to...

Don’t Forget to Vote in Monrovia’s Special Election on Nov. 5

When Monrovians go to the polls a week from next Tuesday on Nov. 5, they will be looking at one issue only: whether to increase local sales tax from 9.5% to 10.25%, the maximum allowed under state law. The City Council put this issue on the...

Fire Department Expedites Removal of Brush Hazard

By Vicky Nguyen Living in a high fire severity zone such as Monrovia means taking responsibility to comply with brush clearance requirements. While most Monrovians comply, a handful of homeowners have difficulty or refuse to comply...

Monrovia Police Department Awarded Traffic Education and Enforcement Grant

The Monrovia Police Department received a $55,000 grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety for a one-year enforcement and education program. The money will fund various activities intended to reduce deaths and injuries on California roads.  “We are committed...

Monrovians Have the Opportunity to Test New Voting Devices

By Fabiola Diaz In 2020, Los Angeles County will introduce its new voting system, the Voting Solutions for All People (VSAP), which has been designed just for L.A. County voters.  VSAP incorporates new vote centers, machines, an interactive sample ballot, and an...

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