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Monrovia Crime Blotters: Dec. 19 – Dec. 25

Dec. 19 At 11:58 a.m., two vehicles were involved in a collision near the intersection of Mountain and Central. One of the parties involved complained of pain and was treated by paramedics from the Monrovia Fire Department. Officers arrived and completed an investigation....

New Laws: The Good, the Bad and the Silly for 2020

By Terry Miller Let’s face it; the majority of us here in California rely, perhaps a little too much, on our motor cars — despite the advancements in public transport. So it’s only natural that we commence the new laws with those that directly apply...

Visual Journalists File Suit Against State of California

AB5 will have a devastating impact on news gathering and ride-sharing in 2020 By Terry Miller The New Year is just around the corner and 2020 is bringing with it an overabundance of new laws that will seriously affect the lives of many Californians: from a...

Monrovia Fire & Police Chiefs Warn of Dangers Around the Holidays

Logs burning in the fireplace and candles flickering on the mantle are all romantic images, but there are dangers inherent in these activities. Monrovia Fire Chief Brad Dover wanted to remind everyone to be especially careful this holiday season to keep it merry and bright.

Monrovia Crime Blotters: Dec. 12 – Dec. 18

Dec. 12 At 12:42 p.m., officers were dispatched to the 500 block of West Colorado regarding a report of possible drug activity. They arrived and contacted a male subject to the front of the location. The subject walked away from officers and...

Christmas Decorations Light Up Homes, Light Up Hearts in Monrovia

Winner of 2019 Monrovia's Home Decorating Contest's Children's Choice Award - Photo by Vicky Nguyen / Beacon Media News One of the great thrills that we can look forward to during the holidays is enjoying the lights...

Activists Turn Out in Support of Impeachment

Local congressman, Adam Schiff, has been at center of House hearings By Terry Miller On the eve of the historic impeachment vote, American citizens voiced their opinions in no uncertain terms Tuesday. Hundreds of thousands of citizens across the 50 states demonstrated that the impeachment...

Water Policy to Extend Period Before Shutoff Due to Nonpayment

City Council reviewed policies to extend the period before water service is shut off for customers that are late on payments Tuesday. These changes are in compliance with senate bill 998 passed in 2018, meant to protect...

City of Monrovia Announces 2019 Holiday Home Decorating Contest Winners

The City of Monrovia has announce the 2019 Holiday Home Decorating Contest winners. This year, the contest judges viewed over 20 fully decked out homes and businesses filled with candy cane lined pathways and whimsical holiday spirit. 2019 Holiday Home Decorating Contest...

Monrovia Crime Blotters: Dec. 5 – Dec. 11

Dec. 5 At 7:23 a.m., a resident in the 400 block of West Colorado called police to report items had been taken from his unlocked vehicle sometime during the night. The victim parked his vehicle in front of his residence. The next...

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