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Columnist Articles


By Bill Dunn “Smoke smoke smoke that cigarette puff puff puff and if you smoke yourself to death, tell St. Peter at the Golden Gate that you hate to make him wait, but you just gotta have another cigarette.” -“Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette” by Merle...

Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village

Who says you have to travel far to get away from it all. Sometimes a memorable journey is just a short drive up the 101 Freeway. Such was the case last Saturday when a friend and I checked into a gorgeous suite at the...

For Women Only: Fit into Your Wedding Dress Again

-Courtesy Photo Pasadena Fitness Trainer Shows Women When and How They Eat Can Help Shed Unwanted Inches Fitness trainer Lauren Saracione, owner of Pilates Barbell Club, is hosting a fun “field trip and cooking class” at the private home of one of her regular clients on...

Doctor’s Column

Answers to All Your Questions Regarding Weight Gain/Loss Question: I am in my early 30's and I have been gaining weight over the last 5 years. How do I know if I am obese or just overweight? From J.B., Pasadena Answer: We define obesity by using the...

Summer Fun at Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach Hotel & Resort

-Courtesy Photo First impressions mean a lot. So when I opened the door to my room at Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach Hotel & Resort in Oxnard and instantly saw a giant picture of sand, palm trees and ocean shimmering through the glass patio door,...

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