The 2018 Rose Parade

- Photo by Galen Patterson
– Photo by Galen Patterson

By Galen Patterson

The 2018 Rose Parade showcased the talent of parade performers from around the world. Nearly 90 individual groups marched and floated down Colorado blvd. in Pasadena on Jan. 1, 2018. The performers marched and drove 5.5 miles to the terminus at Villa st.

In addition to various southern California cities and high schools, marching bands and floats from around the world participated in the event. The Kyoto Tachibana High School from Japan dazzled the crowd with their repertoire shifting rapidly between the Star Wars theme song, the Mario theme song and many more. Aside from their skill as musicians, the flag bearers and band leaders performed wonderfully choreographed dance maneuvers during the long march form Orange Grove blvd. to Villa st.

Almost every performer in the parade flawlessly executed 90 degree turns, significantly adding to the level of difficulty in marching formations while simultaneously displaying their skill and dedication to order and rhythm. All except a small bit of fussiness from one of the Oklahoma Sooners Schooner’s horses midway during the show.

Opening act Todrick Hall and closing act Andy Grammer brought modern appeal to the parade, wonderfully contrasting the Napoleonic-Era-inspired outfits of the marching bands. During the parade, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti identified Beacon Media News and gave them a personal smile from a masterfully crafted Los Angeles highlights float.

The architectural masterpieces, combined with bio-organic ingenuity were the real show-stoppers this year. Some blew clouds of smoke and ribbons, others displayed life-like coordination through animatronics. Though these floats will not remain assembled and colorful and they will not stand the test of time like so many architectural icons in Europe, they will remain in the memories of those who witnessed them in their full beauty, before the scores of worldwide citizens at the 2018 Rose Parade.


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