Disney Studios Set to Film Magic Camp in Old Town Monrovia

Walt Disney Studios will be filming in Old Town.
– File photo by Terry Miller


Walt Disney Studios is using Monrovia for a feature motion picture being produced called, “Magic Camp.” The movie is about a group of middle-school aged kids who want to be magicians and go to a camp to learn tricks. Ultimately, the kids decide to leave the camp and begin to practice their magic on the local townspeople who live near the camp.

This is a large production effort, as illustrated by the fact that the movie producers are looking to secure 225 parking spaces for the filming crew and extras.

On Monday, Jan. 16, there will be a street closure on the 500 block of Myrtle Ave. between Lemon Avenue and Colorado Boulevard.

As part of the filming that day, the movie producers will be shooting a scene around the breezeway at Café Mundial. As part of their filming activity, the producers will be creating a sidewalk café scene by the Box Jewelers Clock where the kids will be performing magic tricks. After filming that scene, the activity will move up the street and additional shots will be taken at Bottega Bakery.

The filming will involve temporarily moving the benches at Café Mundial and covering the face of the Box Jewelers Clock so that the movie producers can adjust the time shown in editing. Furthermore, the production crew will have equipment stored in the Café Mundial breezeway, which will be closed to pedestrian traffic during the day.

On Tuesday, Jan. 17 there are no current street closures planned, however, there will be traffic control efforts located on Myrtle Avenue in Old Town throughout the day.

The initial filming scene will take place between 6 a.m. – 10 a.m. at the corner of Myrtle Avenue and Lime Avenue by Monrovia Travel. It appears that the kids will be filming with trained birds at that location during that time.

After the initial scene to be filmed that day, the production will then move to K.C. Hopper to film a scene inside the store.

Following that scene, the production crew will then move back to Bottega Bakery to film at that location again.

Please note, staff is still interfacing with the production crew to determine parking / traffic control related issues for Tuesday, Jan. 17 and we will have additional details ironed out this upcoming week.

It is exciting that Walt Disney Studios has selected Old Town Monrovia as the backdrop for a portion of the movie, “Magic Camp,” and I know that we are all eager to show off our town. However, while we will do everything we can here at the City to minimize inconveniences that may occur, the filming activity will most certainly cause disruptions in Old Town. We will continue to coordinate details with the filming producers as we move towards the actual filming date, and we will most certainly share any and all information that we can as this project progresses.


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