Fire Department Set to Develop Updated Fire Safety Tips

Due to residential fires, the Monrovia Fire Department is developing a fire safety program.
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During the past few weeks, there have been three separate residential structure fires in Monrovia. Given the uptick in fire activity, the Fire Department has worked to develop an overall community outreach program to encourage greater fire prevention safety and awareness.

Key components related to the program include:

– Adding an additional insert into the water bills to re-enforce fire safety tips and the need for smoke alarms, which was the major theme from the recent Fire Prevention Week.

-Use city and Fire Department social media outlets to post fire safety reminders/messages.

– The Fire Department and the CERT team will be hosting a community meeting in mid-December 2016 for the mobile home parks located at 1020 S. Mountain and 1025 E. Huntington Drive. These meetings will be focusing on home fire safety and the team will also walk door-to-door to check on everyone’s smoke alarms. The Fire Department will have spare batteries and new 10-year smoke alarms for residents that need them.

– The Fire Department personnel and cadets will be sent to the Friday Night Family Street Fair once per month to get out the word regarding fire prevention and safety.

– Focus on the safety message and distribution of products at community events such as MAP.

For additional information, please contact the Monrovia Fire Department at (626) 256-8181.


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