Have You Heard the ‘Made In Monrovia’ Podcast?

- Courtesy photo / City of Monrovia
– Courtesy photo / City of Monrovia

Leandra and Barrett Soop are Monrovians and they run Be Seen Company, a video and podcast production company. They love creating space for people to tell their stories. Leandra also works as a therapist in Burbank at a private practice and Barrett specializes in creating content for social media and websites. Weekly, they have Monrovians go to their podcast studio on Myrtle Avenue to share insights into their experiences, service, and motivations for being a part of the Monrovia community.

Their hope is that by hearing these stories residents can learn from and celebrate the people of Monrovia, see how we are all connected, and find new ways to participate and experience Monrovia more fully.

If you are interested in hearing the stories that the Soops have to share, subscribe to their podcast, “Made in Monrovia,” on your favorite podcast platform and follow @madeinmonrovia on Facebook and Instagram for details on the latest episodes.


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