‘Hometown Pasadena’ Celebrates Latest Edition with Wait Wait Pasadena Quiz Show

Prospect Park Books’ “Hometown Pasadena” celebrated its third edition release at Vroman’s Bookstore with Wait Wait Pasadena, a Pasadena-flavored quiz show inspired by the popular NPR broadcast. - Photo by Emily G. Peters / Beacon Media News
hometown pasadena vroman's bookstore
“Hometown Pasadena” is a joyous guidebook/history/celebration of all-things-Pasadena and environs, featuring essays, insider tips and historical highlights by novelist Lian Dolan, L.A. Times columnist Chris Erskine and many other acclaimed hometown writers. – Photo by Emily G. Peters / Beacon Media News

By Emily G. Peters

Pasadena locals and lovers alike gathered under cafe lights at Vroman’s Bookstore this past Tuesday for “Wait Wait Pasadena,” a NPR-inspired quiz show created in celebration of the latest edition of “Hometown Pasadena.” Regarded as the go-to Pasadena resource since its first edition dropped nearly 13 years ago, “Hometown Pasadena” is the masterstroke of Prospect Park Books publisher and editor Colleen Dunn Bates and features the work of multiple acclaimed neighborhood writers and notable locals.

Involving the community seemed fitting for the book’s third release. Novelist and broadcaster Lian Dolan hosted the event, quizzing panelists on their Pasadena know-how and awarding book-related prizes, and treats from local bakery Little Flower Candy Co. to participating audience members. Panelists included Los Angeles Times columnist Chris Erskine, public figure Michael “Mr. Pasadena” Calderon and several authors who lent their expertise to “Hometown Pasadena.”

hometown pasadena prospect park books lion dolan colleen dunn bates
“Hometown Pasadena” publisher and editor Colleen Dunn Bates of Prospect Park Books with author Lian Dolan, host of Wait Wait Pasadena. – Photo by Emily G. Peters / Beacon Media News

The night wrapped with Dunn Bates thanking the many creative minds who made the original and current “Hometown Pasadena” possible.

“This community is an unusual amalgam of incredible intelligence and diversity and richness with roots,” said Dunn Bates. “People of various backgrounds have been here for a long time and tend to stay, and kids who grow up here say they want to move away—but then they come back. It’s a nice place to be.”

“Hometown Pasadena” is currently the number-one book at Vromans and features many new interviews, insider tips and historical highlights on Pasadena and its surrounding neighborhoods. Pick up a copy at either Vroman’s location in Pasadena or online at VromansBookstore.com, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or visit prospectparkbooks.com for more information.


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