Monrovia Code Enforcement Works With Volunteer Center of SGV to Assist Family

Before and after of the property. – Courtesy photo / City of Monrovia
Before and after of the property. – Courtesy photo / City of Monrovia

Over the past several months, Monrovia’s Code Enforcement team has been working with a family on Orange Avenue to resolve a code violation related to a large storage container being stored in the front driveway of the residence. Storage containers are allowed on a temporary basis during active construction but not as long-term storage solutions.

The city received multiple complaints about the storage container remaining in the front driveway for many months. The property owner had first obtained the storage container to move contents from the home after a plumbing leak but no active construction work was being completed. After multiple attempts at education and sending notices an administrative citation was issued.

However, Code Enforcement staff continued to work closely with the property owner to determine the best way to proceed forward. The property owner revealed a need for help to unload the storage container, so city staff reached out the Volunteer Center of San Gabriel Valley to ask for assistance. The Volunteer Center sent multiple volunteers to work with the property owner to clear out the storage container and move the items into a storage shed purchased for the backyard. While this was a difficult case with many variables at work, city staff was able to resolve the code violation in a way that left both the property owner and neighbors feeling satisfied at the outcome.


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