Monrovia Cub Scouts are Emergency Ready

Monrovia Cub Scouts
Monrovia Fire & Rescue and Monrovia Cub Scout Pack 66. – Courtesy photo


More than 25 Cub Scouts from Monrovia Cub Scout Pack 66 (Tiger, Wolf, Bear and WeBelos Dens) were educated in first aid, CPR, bleeding, emergency recognition and prevention, caring for injuries, choking response and what to do in emergency situations along with splinting on Oct. 17, here, while in the process of earning Emergency Preparedness and First Responder badges for WeBelos Scorpion and Husky Dens. Pack 66 was also joined by Boy Scout Adrian G. from Duarte Troop 185 who’s two brothers, Lucas and Gavin are Cub Scouts in Pack 66 that are following in their older brothers footsteps. 

Captain H. Hewitt and Fire Fighter R. Mitchell took time out of their busy evening to demonstrate basic first-aid bandaging on Wolf Max R. to control bleeding. Bear Jacob S. was able to perform chest-compression CPR on Rescue Annie and WeBelos Dylan M. was splinted to immobilize his arm. 

“Being a Cub Scout offers so much in life skills that children do not normally learn in school. These skills will benefit every boy, sibling and family member. They learn how to prevent accidents and injuries as well as what to do when they occur. First Responder is one of the Webelos CORE Adventure Requirements. For this adventure, Webelos learn some basic first aid and emergency preparedness skills. Now more than ever will they feel ready if they encounter an emergency.” said Mark Peters, Cub Master for Cub Scout Pack 66.

The Scouts were wonderful during the training. They seemed to learn a lot of skills and information on top of what they already knew, each Cub Scout had fun practicing “Hands Only” CPR on Rescue Annie (CPR mannequin). After the training MFD gave a wonderful tour to our Cubs of the station.

These days, you find it’s the six year old calling 911 to save mom or dad, properly preparing them in case they are there when an adult is hurt is vital and to empower them to respond accordingly in a calm manner. Monrovia Pack 66 Bear William K. did just that earlier this year when he had to call 911 to help save his moms life. 


Monrovia Cub Scouts
Bear Jacob S. demonstrating hands-only CPR. – Courtesy photo


The Month of October WeBelos Scorpion Den has been learning Emergency Preparedness and have been asked as part of their homework to prepare a bug-out bag, a first-aid kit and to plan and map out an emergency route for their family incase disaster occurs. During the Fire Department training, now a WeBelos William K. showed his bug-out bag to the fireman and Cub Scouts and properly demonstrated what should be in your emergency backpack.

Information such as this is vital to a Scout’s training. These are lessons they will carry with them always and will benefit them throughout their lives. Pack 66 Cub Scouts receive training throughout the year through varied experiences, and it’s “all due to the commitment of the volunteer parents who work tirelessly to provide unique experiences for the Scouts, and committed partners within the community who support the Scout’s mission to empower youth, such as Monrovia Fire and Rescue, Monrovia PD, Monrovia City Council and Mayor Tom Adams who have given our Cubs so much in time and experience.

“Monrovia’s own Cub Scout Pack 66, just like a trip on the famous Route 66 that runs through Monrovia, the scouts are traveling along a road of knowledge and discovery, earning memento and making memories that will last a lifetime.” said Wolf Den leader Mitch Rily.

If you would like your son to join an active Cub Scout Pack who is deeply involved in the community and start a life long journey and if your son’s are between 5 and 10 years of age please contact Cub Master Mark Peters at (626) 485-1032 or and



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