Monrovia High’s Learning Academies Need Business Owners to Serve on Foothill Consortium Advisory Board

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Monrovia High School currently has two academies, the Math and Science Academy (MASA) and the Humanities Academy. – Courtesy photo

By Staff

Business owners, what are your biggest concerns in our current times?  Perhaps finding qualified candidates for job openings ranks high among those concerns?

Fortunately, there is a concerted effort between the State of California, Economic Partnerships, Community Colleges, Universities and local School Districts to begin to help prepare students for work.

There is an opportunity to serve on the Foothill Consortium Advisory Board. The purpose is to advance the region’s workforce by:

-Growing high school students within career academies to address the high-wage, high-skill, high-need workforce gaps.

-Creating a forum for employers, educators, workforce, and economic professionals to support the development of our future workforce.

-Making it easy for employers to directly start shaping their future workforce.

There are four school districts participating in this consortium by creating Learning Academies




-Charter Oak.

There are four Regional Growth Industries the Academies are focused on



-Biotech and Life Sciences.

-Tourism and Hospitality.

The Academies offer the opportunity to connect all the core classes a student is required to take within the framework of their selected focus. So when you get an English or Math assignment, it is grounded in the focus area of the Academy.

So, what is required of business owners? Time.

-Two sessions total three hours of your time.

-Business owners on the Board will help define the key core competencies employees need to enter their particular workforce

If this sounds like an opportunity for your business, to use your time to help define and create your future workforce, contact the Duarte Chamber ( to get connected.


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