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Monrovia Old Town Report (12/21/17)

– Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

By Pam Fitzpatrick

Here we are, just a few days before Christmas, and we’re still having fun in Old Town.  Next Saturday will be our final Santa Breakfasts of the season. Here’s the schedule: Jake’s Roadhouse (9 a.m.), Oh Mulberry Bush (10 a.m.) and Rudy’s Mexican Restaurant (11 a.m.).  The gifts this year were donated by Jakk’s Pacific, Spin Master, and various local donors.  It was particularly sweet this season when we found we were short on gifts, and several individuals stepped up and donated, making sure that every child received at least a small gift from Santa at each breakfast.

The normal rush of holiday parties is on in town, with restaurants packed with party-goers.  As I’ve said many times in the past, our Old Town eateries are a big part of why Old Town is alive and well today – but as I’ve also said many times, we have unfortunately lost the balance of retail, service and restaurants.  I was very pleasantly surprised at the response to a FB posting by Planning Commissioner Robert Parry discussing those very concerns.  The post received hundreds of comments, many of them extremely helpful as we study plans for our future.  Thanks, Robert, and thanks to everyone of you who love Old Town Monrovia.  Please continue to share your ideas!

Now, here is some real Breaking News:  the infamous “316 Clock Tower” building has “For Lease” signs in the windows!  I nearly fainted when I saw the two yellow signs yesterday.  The signs read “For Lease (first floor) –  Medical/Dental/Retail – Will Build to Suit”.  There is hope for a decent-sized retail space up in the 300 block: that block does have slightly more available parking (for now, anyway…).  So now we need a committee of folks who are willing to go out and look for retail to bring to Old Town.  If Glendora can do it, we can sure do it, right?

Let’s go on to the subject of music in Old Town…  We have had Lance (of The Lance and Gary Show) performing in front of our shop in the 400 block of Myrtle for some time now.  Well, Lance has suddenly gained in popularity – seems that adding a good-looking young male guitarist has spiced up his performances.  Good going, Lance!  You can see (and hear) Lance & Co. every Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays evenings starting about 6:30 p.m.

Our last major Old Town event of 2017 will be the 7th Annual New Year’s on Myrtle.  “Night Owl” will be returning as our band, this time located at Lemon and Myrtle, with plenty of seating and room for dancing! This year’s event will be a bit different:  there won’t be the traditional fenced off Beer & Wine Garden, however there will be several restaurants serving alcohol on the street, some serving small bites as well.  And, of course, we will have our traditional “Ball Raising” at midnight. Hope you all will come out and party with us once again!

December 20, 2017

About Author

Pam Fitzpatrick Pam has been an active business owner and lover of Old Town Monrovia for the past 26 years. She has served as both Monrovia Chamber President, Merchant Association President, and Merchant Co-op Organizer, and has been the moving force behind such popular events as New Year's Eve on Myrtle, Old Town Trick or Treating, Holiday Caroling, and Santa Breakfasts with free gifts for the kiddies. In January of 2016, Pam was appointed Volunteer Old Town Film Liaison and has worked with the City to update Old Town's Filming Guidelines and bring back profitable filming to the Historic District. Pam is currently a columnist for the Monrovia Weekly and with The Old Town Report, proudly shares her comments and updates about the town she loves.

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