Monrovia PD Surprises 5-Year-Old

The MPOA made Micah’s birthday one to remember. – Courtesy photo / City of Monrovia

The Monrovia Activist Policing Bureau received a phone call about a month ago from a Monrovia mother whose son Micah loves the Monrovia Police and all law enforcement officers. Micah had a police theme birthday planned for July 28 and his mother asked if a Monrovia PD officer could stop by the house during the party and wish Micah a happy birthday. Approval was granted for an officer to stop by the party if calls and time permitted.

However, the Monrovia Police Officers Association (MPOA) and the officers on that Saturday shift went above and beyond to make Micah’s day very special. MPOA purchased small birthday gifts and the entire shift stopped by Micah’s party to wish him a happy birthday. This, along with events like National Night Out, displays the Police Department’s dedication to achieving the community’s trust. The city extended a special thank you to the officers on the Saturday shift for taking the time to reach out and make a child’s birthday.

August 8, 2018

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