Monrovia Public Library Awarded $55K Literacy Grant

Classes provided in the Library have helped many improve their conversational English. – Courtesy photo / Facebook, @MonroviaLibrary

For years Monrovia Public Library has offered programs assisting individuals with their literacy issues. The Library has just been awarded a $55,000 grant from the California Literacy Services Program. This money will be used to further implement the strategies and programs to help low-literate adults in the community.

City Manager Oliver Chi announced the receipt of the grant in his weekly update. He also urged individuals interested in either receiving assistance or volunteering to be a tutor to go to the Library’s website at

The website details the programs available. These include not just adult reading, but also assistance with passing the high school equivalency test and getting a Graduate Equivalency Degree (GED), studying for U. S. citizenship, improving not just reading but also conversation skills, spelling, writing, grammar and pronunciation. There are even technology classes to improve one’s computer skills.

The City Manager also provided a link to a YouTube video that allows Monrovia tutors and some of those who have been tutored to share their stories. One tutor explained that the woman she was working with was now writing a book about her father-in-law’s escape from South Vietnam after the fall of that country to the North. Another related that the person she tutored received that coveted GED.

A few of those who had gone to the Library for help also told their stories. One woman explained that as she worked on her writing skills she found her conversation skills also improved helping her at work. An older man said that after two years of working with a tutor he was now able to read aloud to his grandchildren relating that there was no greater joy than doing so. As an added bonus, it patterns good behavior for those children.

For more information on any of these programs including the new writing programs contact Victor Castellano at (626) 256-8273 or by email at


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