Monrovia Reads is Mobile Again

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By Pam Fitzpatrick

On March 1st at 6 p.m. Monrovia Reads will again host it’s yearly “So All May Read” event at the Double Tree by Hilton (924 W. Huntington). The $60 ticket includes a buffet dinner with a no-host bar, and, if tradition continues, an evening full of fun and laughter. 

Always one of the most enjoyable events of the year, the Monrovia Reads March fundraiser touches the hearts of everyone in attendance. Beyond the fun of the Literacy Legacy Award (which this year goes to our very own retired Police Chief, Jim Hunt), the event supports the mission of the organization: …”to create and support an environment where reading is valued and resources are provided….”

This year the resources will be on wheels once again. A Monrovia Transit bus has been purchased and is being renovated to accommodate a library full of books, plus space for mobile tutoring as well. Books are not only available to read on the bus, but they are given away from the bus, and from many Monrovia Reads appearances at events throughout the year.

Many years ago, when the non-profit group was formed as the result of meetings between the Monrovia School District, the City of Monrovia and the Monrovia Chamber of Commerce, no one envisioned a mobile resource. Today we have a chance to teach our kids the value of holding a book in their hands, and for a little while, setting their mobile devices aside – and, we have a chance to be a part of this literacy program by our support, our donations, and our attendance at this fun event.

As for fun, the “So All May Read” has never failed to put smiles across the room, and with Jim Hunt as an award-winner, no one will be disappointed. See you all on March 1st, 6 p.m. at the Double Tree by Hilton.  (

February 9, 2018

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Pam Fitzpatrick Pam has been an active business owner and lover of Old Town Monrovia for the past 26 years. She has served as both Monrovia Chamber President, Merchant Association President, and Merchant Co-op Organizer, and has been the moving force behind such popular events as New Year's Eve on Myrtle, Old Town Trick or Treating, Holiday Caroling, and Santa Breakfasts with free gifts for the kiddies. In January of 2016, Pam was appointed Volunteer Old Town Film Liaison and has worked with the City to update Old Town's Filming Guidelines and bring back profitable filming to the Historic District. Pam is currently a columnist for the Monrovia Weekly and with The Old Town Report, proudly shares her comments and updates about the town she loves.

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