Monrovia Rolls Out Its New Mobility Plan

Limebike app. - Courtesy photo
Limebike app. – Courtesy photo

By Susan Motander

Last Saturday the city of Monrovia literally rolled out its new mobility plan with a community bike ride. The program involves a partnership with Lyft and LimeBike. The city will subsidize Lyft rides so that Monrovian can travel within the city for only 50¢. In addition, the city is supporting LimeBike coming into town to make affordable bike rentals easily available.

Unfortunately most Southern Californian believe they are genetically related to the Wicked Witch of the West and will melt if they get wet; so, with threatening skies, turn out was not as great as expected. But those who braved the danger of rain were treated to information on the program and even free bike helmets.

Look for the bright green bike parking areas throughout the city. The bikes can be unlocked using a smart phone and the LimeBike app.

The Lyft app on the smart phone can get you a lift anywhere within the city. The service area includes:

      City of Monrovia

      City of Bradbury

      Unincorporated areas adjacent to Monrovia

      Target in Duarte (transfer to Duarte Transit)

      Physician offices and select medical locations within a three (3) mile radius of Monrovia’s city limits including Methodist Hospital, the medical offices on Duarte Road in Arcadia, and City of Hope in Duarte.

For full information on the program go to


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