Monrovia Star Scout Willem Aponno Writes to Fallen Hero


Star Scouts, ASPL Nathan Juarez, PL Degas Peters and SPL Willem Aponno. –Courtesy photo / Monrovia Troop 66

Star Scout and Senior Patrol Leader Willem Aponno with Monrovia Troop 66, American Legion – Monrovia Post 44 will be traveling to Washington, D.C. over the next two weeks with a select group of eighth grade students from Arcadia Christian School.  This select group will have the honor of placing a wreath upon the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  Recently Aponno attended a lecture with his Troop where SPC. Ethan Morse, Badge #548 and former Tomb Sentinel, spoke about his experience as a Tomb Sentinel and the life style led and experiences of being a Sentinel.  This prepared Aponno for his trip to Washington, D.C. and gave him a deeper appreciation for the service the “Old Guard” provides to our fallen heroes.

In preparation for his trip, Aponno wrote a letter to PFC Karl Edwin Weber of the United States Marine Corps whose name is inscribed upon The Wall.  This letter will be placed at The Wall upon Aponno’s visit.  This is the letter that was written to PFC Karl Edwin Weber:

“Dear Karl Edwin Weber and family,

“Fifty-three years ago the United States of America became involved in an incredibly controversial conflict called the Vietnam War.  We were not attacked or provoked but we stood up for the people of South Vietnam.  You protected the people of South Vietnam.   You helped to keep your home and others protected.  Thanks to you, there is order and justice.

“You were an honorable, brave and devoted solider, and you gave the ultimate sacrifice for your country, your life. Though we have never met, I greatly appreciate your service and sacrifice to our home.  You did know my grandfather and we are distantly related. Therefore, this message to you is more from the heart than I can possibly express.

“Your life and your experiences as a solider have forever touched the lives of those you protected as well as those who survived you.  I, like so many other people, look up to you and honor you. Rest in peace.”

Star Scout Willem Aponno Carrying the Legion Flag. –Courtesy photo / Monrovia Troop 66

Aponno’s dedication and leadership to his Troop is described as a direct reflection of the true essence of what being a Scout means.  This is just one more example of Aponno’s devotion to the United States of America, the military, the American Legion and Scouting.

February 25, 2019

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