Monsters Meander Myrtle Avenue Monday


Monsters Meander Myrtle Avenue
Monrovia Officers Brian Cofield and Lisa Cindrich pose for a photo with a young Robin (sans Batman) outside T Phillips. Meanwhile, one of the patrons (aka ‘The Joker’, top left, shows his approval of the passing riddle of trick or treaters as he enjoys the amber nectar. – Photo by Terry Miller


To quote our illustrious weekly columnist…“Halloween was last Monday, and if you needed some stress relief, that Old Town event would have done it. The kids – the families – the dogs and cats! And has anybody else noticed that the costumes are far less gory these days? One of my Halloween helpers was dressed as “Velma” (from Scooby-Doo, of course!), and – get this – our City Manager, Oliver Chi, was his own version of “My Little Pony.” “I’m actually glad I didn’t see that one….” Pam Fitzpatrick

The street in old town was packed with children, parents and shutterbugs capturing the annual ritual that is Trick or Treating. The Monrovia Police were very popular too and gladly posed with superheroes of all shapes and sizes.