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Travel to Old Town Monrovia for the 4th of July, and explore all the upcoming businesses it has to offer. – Courtesy photo

By Pam Fitzpatrick

If you ever find yourself waking up on the wrong side of the bed, I have a cure for you. Take an early morning stroll around Old Town and get happy again. It’s really difficult to be grumpy when you run into the likes of Jim and Joanne Spring sitting in front of Bottega, sipping coffee and eating treats. This morning, as I approached their table, Jim shouted out his usual “here comes trouble,” and then smiled as I pulled up a chair and sat down. After a short discussion about how fun last Saturday’s Traditional Music Gathering was up at Library Park (Jim and Joanne both love Windy Ridge), Joanne sold me on a program ad for the upcoming performance of The King and I at the Louise K. Taylor Performing Arts Center (a.k.a. Monrovia High School Auditorium) to be held July 13 through July 16.

Then, along came Becky Shevlin, and we confirmed our Wednesday morning breakfast date at the Peach Café (love that Peach Café!). Becky is one of Old Town’s premier trash picker-uppers and has been known to search through the sidewalk bushes to pull out other people’s junk, clearly expressing her displeasure about folks who toss their trash as they stroll. Becky’s motto: Put it in the Can!

More fun progressed when I walked into my shop this morning and saw the crew from Spin Master Toys listening to Cindy teach them how to make felted animals. What an honor to be chosen for their inspirational brainstorming/day out session. And – the shop smells delicious because of the yummies they brought for breakfast in the back! Thanks, Marlene Fitzpatrick, for introducing your co-workers to our shop, and to Old Town Monrovia!

My “new” (well, since last August “new”) office was being upgraded to super status this morning, so when I walked in the crew was working fervently to clean, install new venting, and make me an even happier person. Thanks Julie and Pat, and thanks to the guys who did such great work. As the gang was gathering for a look-see, my friends from Boy’s Republic came to pay us a visit. Graduation time for Boy’s Republic is really year-round, but today one very special student is graduating, so I got to say a heartfelt goodbye and the best of luck! Boy’s Republic is one of Old Town’s best kept secrets, and it’s my plan during the coming months to make it less of a secret, so watch for news to come!

I’m waiting to hear back from Universal NBC about possibly shooting a TV pilot in Old Town sometime in July. I’ll keep you posted on that one. The Starbuck’s commercial turned out to be Library Park only, but hey, that’s still Old Town, right? And – I’m hoping the latest incarnation of The House (this time the story of parents who attempt to replace the loss of their daughter’s college fund by opening a basement casino) will again feature shots of our Old Town, same as the first movie. Not being a “House” fan, I’m not likely to go see it, but let me know if you did, and if we’re famous again!

I just have a feeling we’ll see some surprise business openings either for this weekend or at least for the 4th of July. Attic Events and Home Treasures (300 block of S. Myrtle) looks open, but not yet. They have scheduled classes for July, so it has to be any day now. Grey and Cash (used to be Parchment) in the 400 block of S. Myrtle told me July 1, and that’s this Saturday. Now, let’s see about Frost in the 500 block and Copper Still Grill in the 600 block….

Speaking of the 4th of July, see you at Library Park — the fun starts at 3 p.m.!


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