Old Town Report (11/18/16 Issue)

- Courtesy photo
– Courtesy photo


By Pam Fitzpatrick

Lots of folks are asking me what I think this holiday retail season will be like. Will shoppers be spooked because of the election? Will they be encouraged because of the record stock market highs? Any other year I’d jump in with my prediction, but this year I’ve sworn off predictions … Here’s what I do know: Wall Street usually doesn’t affect Main Street immediately; all indicators point to a healthy rise in sales for the holidays; I hear more happy than sad, more good news about new jobs, less friends being laid off — and overall more encouraging signs. So, I’m not quite predicting, but I am exceedingly hopeful. Of course, it does help to do business in the best Main Street in California (or anywhere, for that matter). When I see the colored balls going up in the trees and the store fronts being decorated, I’m just naturally happy. Again I will say to the naysayers, if we waited until after Thanksgiving to put all of the tinsel and bells up, we’d be celebrating the season at News Year’s Eve, because that’s how long it takes and how much planning is involved. So hold on to your hats: the Candy Canes go up in Old Town this coming Saturday the 19th! Another positive note: we’ve been able to maintain a very low vacancy rate in Old Town Monrovia. We did lose Resistor Records in the 500 block, but we have gained Saint-Carle Bridal Suite just north of where Resistor was located. Saint-Carle is an upscale, full service bridal boutique located at 519 S. Myrtle Ave. and you can check them out at www.santclarebridalsuite.com or call them at (626) 239-2222. When you see me in there, the answer is “No”, I am not getting married again. I’ve also mentioned Bone Appétit Dog Treats up on the north end of Myrtle at 112 S. Myrtle – go on in there and try to tell me you weren’t tempted to taste test (seriously).

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For the people bakery stuff, they’re still working away at Frost My Cake (other side of the 500 block, where Monrovia Bakery was for years). If you want to check out the possibilities for future indulgence, look at their Facebook page and see what’s available in the case at their Brea location. The case is full of cupcakes and goodies, but I’m not sure if I see bread and rolls, etc. The suspense is killing me …

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The Old Town Holiday Parade is coming up fast since the first Thursday in December is actually Dec. 1 this year. (Does anyone else feel like time is really moving faster, or is it just me?) Our 2016 Grand Marshall is MOHPG (Monrovia Historic Preservation Group) and our theme is neighborhood compatibility and preservation. The MOHPG’s stated mission is to be entrusted with Monrovia’s heritage through preservation, education, and community involvement, so clearly a great choice for Grand Marshall. As usual, come to Old Town early to claim your spot on the Avenue, and make time to eat out at your favorite restaurant. Every eatery in Old Town is open on Thursdays, so no worries there. We’ve talked lots about crosswalk safety, with special concerns about the three crosswalks on Myrtle (500, 400 and 200 blocks). Lack of attention from both pedestrians and motor vehicles combined with poor visibility in some places has scared some of us regulars for years. Our friend, Soren Loft from Old Town Bistro, has designed and built two Flag Stands which will be places on either side of the crosswalk in the 500 block of S. Myrtle. The City will give this experiment a try for a period of 90 days I believe. And – we now have an Information Booth at Street Fair located between Rudy’s and the Monrovian! More fun next week …