Volunteers are the Facets that Make Monrovia’s Gem Glisten

With the work almost complete on the Southeast and Southwest Sectors, the city is turning to the next area to be addressed, the Northwest Section. – Courtesy photo / Monrovia Public Library (CA BY-2.0)

The spirit of volunteerism is still strong in the Monrovia community. – Courtesy photo / Monrovia Public Library (CA BY-2.0)

By Susan Motander

When I was young there was a standing joke in Monrovia that when the Welcome Wagon Lady showed up at your house, after she explained all the advantages of living in town, she would then pull out her clipboard and briskly ask, “And what committees would you like to serve on or how else would you like to volunteer?”

While many things have changed in town (the Welcome Wagon Lady is now a duo of retired gentlemen in a White Lincoln), the spirit of volunteerism is still strong in this community.  This was made clear last month when Congresswoman Grace Napolitano honored whom she dubbed “Unsung Heroines.”  Of the sixteen women honored, four were from Monrovia, a full quarter of all those honored.

Of the four honorees, two were nominated by City Council Members, one by the Monrovia Police Officers Association, and one by the Police Department itself.  Their stories follow, as submitted by those who nominated them.  The order is based on the number of years they have volunteered.

Pamela “Pam” Greene – nominated by the Monrovia Police Officers Association – Years volunteering: 20.

Pam has volunteered at the Monrovia Police Department for 20 years, starting in 1998.  At the Police Department, she brings her expert computer skills and her intuitive ability in technology to enhance the work of the police force. Pam has never declined an opportunity to serve within the department, thus she has engaged in a number of tasks such as separating and filing pawn slips to searching the Records Management department. Laser focus to detail and her organizational skills make her a great candidate for the 2018 Women of the Year.

Sandra “Sandy” Williams – nominated by Monrovia Police Department – Years Volunteering: 19.

Sandy Williams is an exceptionally sweet, kind, and committed individual who is easy to admire.  For 19 years, Sandy has volunteered for the Monrovia Police Department and has been responsible for processing paperwork for all moving violation citations.  She is detail oriented as she checks the citations for accurate information and works with officers to resolve any inaccurate information. Sandy also prepares the citations for court and tracks all citation books.  She is a one woman shop, working independently to resolve any inconsistencies with paperwork.  Sandy works efficiently and effectively, always sharing her lovely smile and her amazing sense of humor.  For her kindness, her ability to work well with others, her dedication to the department, her selflessness, her attention to detail, and organizational skills, she is nominated for Woman of the Year 2018 – “Unsung Heroines” Award.

Keshia Bowen – Nominated by Councilmember Larry J. Spicer – Years Volunteering: 14.

Keshia Bowen in not only a talented cosmetologist, she is also an inspirational human being.  Keshia is the proud owner of Simply Devine and Barbershop, which she has owned since she was 23 years old.  She loves her work and provides educational support training to others who aspire to become licensed cosmetologists.  Keshia is committed to her profession and yet she is vocal in her call to those in her profession to give back.  In Monrovia, she has volunteered with the Foothill Unity Center for over 14 years and has provided countless number of free haircuts to children and adults in need.  She also offers her professional service to the Fred Jordan Mission in their Back to School and Mother’s Day Makeover events.  Many residents in the community say that Keshia is “second to none!”

Barbara Radford – Nominated by Councilmember Becky A. Shevlin – Years Volunteering: 7.

Barbara Radford has been a resident of Monrovia since 2010 and is an extremely valuable volunteer in the Monrovia Community.  Barbara is retired yet graciously devotes much of her time to serve her community.  She has served on the Executive Board of the Friends of the Monrovia Public Library, and is currently the Assistant Treasurer.  Barbara volunteers many hours working in the Friends’ Book Store, located within the Monrovia Public Library, as well as assisting with the Library’s programs and events.  She is also a graduate of Monrovia Area Partnership and Leadership Academy, which has allowed her to reach out and educate other community members.  As a member of the Board of the Volunteer Center of San Gabriel Valley, Barbara is connected with like-minded individuals who enjoy serving the community with love and conviction.  Additionally, she volunteers with Foothill Unity Center for their annual Holiday Distributions as well as their annual Back to School distribution of school supplies event.  Barbara Radford has a heart of gold and is an incredible example of an “Unsung Heroine.”

May 20, 2018

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