Accredited Online Colleges for Students With Disabilities

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By May S. Ruiz

Every year, thousands of high school seniors across the country embark on the next phase in their educational career – applying to college. Clueless parents hoping to help their teenagers navigate this daunting process spend time and money buying books or going online to learn about it.

The college search process has spawned a multi-billion dollar industry, with such entities offering standardized test preparation, to independent counselors who charge thousands of dollars to get students into the school that would best prepare them for a future career.

While a majority of students applying to college are thinking of a physical institution, there is a small group where an online school might be the best fit – people with disabilities. Based on figures gathered by the National Center for Education Statistics, about 11 percent of all undergraduate students have some form of disability.

This is where Accredited Online Colleges comes into the picture. According to its website, this organization aims to provide prospective students with the resources they need to choose the perfect school to fit their needs. Their database has 973 schools and 67,284 programs available. Currently they have over 8.9 million students enrolled and they have graduated over 1.8 million.

Research gathered by Accredited Online Colleges revealed that most students with disabilities were not aware of all the grants, scholarships, and education resources available to them. To provide them assistance, the company recently published the 2016 College Resources for Students that includes a user-friendly guide which encompasses the students’ legal rights and protection, the different education opportunities, and grants and scholarships they can avail of.

For students with disabilities this invaluable resource may be the difference between earning a college education that could give them opportunities to better their lives or giving up on their dreams altogether.

Using Accredited Colleges Online gives students the assurance that the time and money they put into their postsecondary education are well spent. Only properly accredited institutions are found on their database. It also provides a list of programs the schools offer.

The website offers guidelines for students on how to choose the best schools, much like a high school guidance counselor would. It asks students to identify their goal then it helps them find the program that best suits their specific needs with the best faculty and coursework to achieve it.

Furthermore, it gives guidance on funding their education. The entire guide and its features can be found at


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