Associated Students of Pasadena City College Delighted with Passage of Proposition 30

The Associated Students of Pasadena City College (ASPCC) said it was
pleased that on November 6, 2012, Proposition 30 passed in California, with 54% of the
electorate signing on to the temporary tax increase needed to prevent a $6.7 million cut
to Pasadena City College alone. Prop 30 will also ensure billions of dollars are saved
across the CA community college system.
“ASPCC joins the rest of the District in thanking voters for their support in our institutions
of higher learning and in the futures of the 2.4 million community college students
currently in the system, along with all the students who will arrive in the next few years.
After a long campaign, ASPCC intends to return to its work of interfacing with our
representatives in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., to ensure that Californians won’t
need to return to the ballot box to secure essential, affordable and successful higher
education for all its residents.
Simon Fraser, ASPCC President, said, “It’s been a long fought effort, and such a relief
after pouring so much time and investment into Prop 30. Not just as ASPCC President
but as a student, the passage of this proposition means so much for our futures in
higher education. I want to extend thanks to all our campus leaders, from ASPCC Vice
President for External Affairs John Fraser who worked tirelessly with us to make such
an overwhelming LA County support possible, to our administrative, faculty, and staff
supporters who came together in support of Prop 30 and our future.”
ASPCC will now focus its legislative efforts in preparation for the start of the next
California session in Sacramento for 2013 and work to ensure that the progress we
have made today continues. ASPCC also continues its work to represent the students of
PCC on issues of campus, local, state and federal issues of concern.


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