Monrovia High School’s Seniors Celebrated With Yard Signs

MHS seniors signs
Monrovia High Principal Kirk McGinnis shows off the signs graduates’ parents will proudly display on their lawns this year. – Courtesy photo

Thirteen years of school and the grand finale is supposed to be your senior year: prom, graduation, getting your yearbooks and all your friends signing them. And then the novel coronavirus hits and your senior year is, in essence, canceled. How can you have a “senior ditch day” when you are being homeschooled?

Monrovia seniors signs
(Left to right) Calvin McKendrick, Flint Fertig , Maritza Travanti. – Courtesy photo

School Board Member Maritza Travanti had an idea: yard signs to tell the community that a graduating high school senior lives in that house. This week those signs are being distributed to Monrovia High School seniors as well as those from Canyon Oaks and Mountain Park High Schools.

The signs should be popping up like mushrooms in yards all over town. When you see one: toot your horn, give a thumbs up and remember your own senior year in high school. These graduates will have bittersweet memories. As a community let’s try to sweeten them a bit.


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