Rain Didn’t Deter MUSD Teachers from Seeing Students During Pandemic

Despite the rains and cooler than usual temps, parents and students showed their loving support for Monrovia Unified School District (MUSD) teachers with a parade throughout the district.

Teachers, administrators, friends and other staff drove through the community Friday morning honking and waving to their students who’ve been staying at home during this pandemic. The teachers drove throughout the school district to cheers and signs of hope during this time of school closures due to the COVID-19 stay at home order.

Practicing social distancing, the parents, children and teachers brought some much needed smiles and hope to hundreds in Monrovia.

The district has been divided up into five areas corresponding to the five elementary schools. Some of the teachers at Monrovia High School joined each parade. Teachers from Clifton participated in the Mayflower, Bradoaks and Wild Rose parades. The Monroe, Plymouth and again the Wild Rose parades included some teachers from Santa Fe. Teachers from the Childhood Early Learning Center also paraded with Wild Rose. 


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