Native American Educators Who Deserve Recognition

The Code Talkers Monument in Window Rock, AZ. – Courtesy photo

November Marks Native American Heritage Month

Names of outstanding Native American Educators inducted into the Youth-on-the-Move International Educators’ Hall of Fame (IEHOF):

  1. Mr. David Risling, (1994), Hoopa “Father of Indian Education” UC Davis; Co-founder, DQ University. Help get passage of the federal Indian Education and Indian Tribal Community Colleges act.
  2. Sarah H. Hutchison (1995), Cherokee- Counselor and Professor Native American Studies, UC Davis; Co-founder, DQ University
  3. Jack Forbes (1996) Lenape; UC Davis professor emeritus of Native American Studies and Anthropology. Founder of the Native American studies at UC Davis.
  4. Morgan g. Otis, Jr. Ph.D. (1998)
  5. Dr. Lionel R. Bordeaux (1999), Lakota; Rosebud Sioux, South Dakota- President of Sinte Gleska University (SGU); key in the Indian country’s tribal college movement since 1973—the longest continuous serving tribal college president.
  6. Lehman L. Brightman (1999) Contra Costa College Professor, Sioux and Creek, Founder and National President of United Native Americans (UNA); established and coordinated the first Native American Studies Program in the United States at UC Berkeley
  7. Carl Nelson Gorman (2001) Navajo; as Navajo Code Talker, helped win WWII, Marine; Instructor in Native American Art at UCDavis where the NC Gorman Museum exists.
  8. Dr. Kogee Thomas (2014), Creek, Professor UCLA and University of California Irvine (UCI). Organizer: Indigenous People Conference held in May 2017 at UCI.
  9. Barbara and Nathan Banda (Acjachemen)- Introduced Native American curriculum into the San Juan Capistrano School System and in other cities in Southern California. Barbara served as a teacher’s aide. Barbara lobbied for U.S. federal funding to establish educational programs there.
  10. Harley Lobo (Acjachemen) – Long time educator in Southern California (a Principal) worked hard to enhance the Native American curriculum in San Juan Capistrano.


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