We’re Never Too Old to Learn to Use Computers

Lynn Rabin is a retired LAUSD teacher. Through her local small business Senior to Senior, she now works with people-specializing in those of us over 50-who want to learn to use our computers better. “I have lots of students in their seventies and eighties who were given a new computer by their grandchildren,” says Lynn with a smile. “They want to learn how to turn the thing on and off without breaking it, and they want to be able to use email and sort family photos.”

She realized several years ago that as the digital age arrived, elder generations were being unintentionally left out. Getting older people comfortable with new technology is fun and rewarding. Lynn brings a particularly gentle and humorous approach to the process. “The day after my first lesson I got a ‘Lesson Review'” says one student. “It goes point by point over everything she showed me, it was very helpful to remembering what we did.” Lynn says she will work with absolute beginners all the way to advanced users to learn new productivity tips and short-cuts. But she says the lesson plan is a vital and unique piece of her educational process.

“Most of us can’t remember what we had for breakfast yesterday. Of course for those of us who are a little older, that doesn’t improve as the years go by.” For beginners, Lynn mails or hand delivers the lesson review. Clients who are facile with email get an attachment emailed to them. They get a chance to review in writing each item they learned, and practice at their own pace.

Many students are relieved to know they are not alone out there. And most make great strides toward competency in a very short time. “I meet some truly wonderful people in this job,” says Lynn. “I learn as much from them as they do from me.”

For more information on private or semi-private computer lessons, call (818) 636-7388.


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