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Newly Launched National Franchise Takes A Bite Out Of The Competition

Following on the heels of launching as a National Franchise earlier this month, Dog Haus and its partners Hagop Giragossian, Quasim Riaz and André Vener are relishing in yet another high-profile development. The ever-popular eatery for gourmet hot dogs, burgers and sausages has now partnered with Adam Gertler to serve as the exclusive restaurant featuring Gertler’s Wurst…beginning today!
Adam Gertler, who currently stars in Destination America’s Last Call Food Brawl, is a cook, an entertainer and a full-time food enthusiast and we tracked him down at the Dog Haus Biergarten on Tuesday, as he introduced a unique line of sausages that really are one step over the top.
The match made in sausage heaven, was a natural choice for the thriving restaurant, named a top pick among local media like Beacon Media as well as CNN, LA Weekly and Zagat. The charismatic star of Food Network’s Kid in a Candy Store and Will Work for Food, and current host of Destination America’s Last Call Food Brawl was a finalist on Season Four of The Next Food Network Star, Gertler’s playful sense of humor and willingness to do anything for a great meal has earned him fans across the country.
“We are thrilled to announce the new alliance between Dog Haus and the multi-talented Adam Gertler,” said Giragossian, who also serves as Vice President of Franchise Development. “We have worked diligently building a well-honed Dog Haus brand based on fun, food and quality and Adam and his signature line of Gertler’s Wurst sausages are a perfect fit, especially now as we prepare to expand nationwide.”
“A confluence of events, timing and appreciation of all things sausages, brought us together,” said Gertler, who, in addition to perfecting his heralded Original Pastrami Dog, has created four custom Gertler’s Wurst sausages for Dog Haus. “Like Gertler’s Wurst, Dog Haus is fun, daring and promotes an atypical mix of the typical that will keep people coming back for more! Partnering with Dog Haus is the next step in my quest to become the ‘Ben & Jerry’s’ of sausages.”
The best of Gertler’s Wurst at Dog Haus includes The Abe Froman (garlic herb kielbasa, white American cheese, fried egg, sautéed jalapenos, grilled onions), Rueben Dog (pastrami sausage, white American cheese, haus slaw, haus sauce), Herban Legand (garlic herb kielbasa, baconkraut, whole grain mustard aioli, crushed fritos), One Night In Bangkok (spicy thai red currywurst, thai slaw, peanut sauce) and Uber Kase (cheddar-stuffed smoky sausage, bing cherry mostarda, arugula, crispy onions, pickled sweet papers). Gertler’s Wurst are available at all Dog Haus locations including Pasadena and Alhambra as well as Dog Haus Biergarten in Old Pasadena.
“We hit it out of the park with Dog Haus and now, along with Gertler’s Wurst, we are ready to slide in to cities across the country, “added Vener. “Adam and his sausages are like our permanent Haus guest that we never want to leave!”
For more information about Dog Haus, visit or call 626.796.HAUS. Dog Haus can also be found on social networking sites including facebook (Dog Haus), Foursquare (Dog Haus) and twitter (dog_haus).


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