Fitness and Nutrition: Your Key To Growth

By Yajen Tan

I decided that I wanted to dedicate this January to personal growth in all aspects of my life. As I continue to reflect on the past year, I have noticed that various behaviors have made profound impacts on my quality of life – in both the positive and negative. So before you dive back into the year, here are a couple aspects of life that can benefit from reevaluation.

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We all know that we could use a bit more exercise, but to most of us, exercise is seen as a luxury, rather than a necessity. Reality is, unless you’re regularly pushing your body and staying active, you slowly start to lose the ability to stay active. In my phases of low activity, I have always noticed short term slowdowns in cognitive function and energy levels; the surprising thing is, we almost always attribute that same sluggishness as the main reason why we don’t exercise.

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You must’ve saw this one coming already – diet is one of the most important factors of our well-being. The tough thing about eating well is that nobody, not even me, wants to make good choices after a tough day at work. So in order to take the stress and difficulty out of eating well, plan ahead. That doesn’t mean you prepare a week’s worth of food ahead of time, but you could at least prepare all the ingredients ahead of time; that way you can just plug in the cooker or turn on the heat when you get home and have a great meal ready for you.

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You wake up, grab a coffee and down your multivitamin, fish oil, and turmeric; you get back from the gym and chug a protein shake and maybe some post workout recovery blend. While supplements can elicit positive change in our lives, how often do we actually sit down to determine whether we actually can benefit from our supplements- and do they even meet a quality standard for me to want to put in my body? Each individual has different nutrition needs, so unfortunately, the 30 minutes you spent with the sales rep at your local vitamin shop probably won’t result in an accurate profile of what you should or need to take.

Paying attention to your fitness and nutrition habits will reap huge benefits in your life that you probably aren’t familiar with until you try. Imagine spending less days sick, improving your focus and energy levels, and most importantly, accomplishing goals that you set out to achieve. Take some time this week and figure out what is one small change you can make that will propel you to better fitness.

Yajen Tan is the founder of local fitness and nutrition brand Gimme Fit, which focuses on helping men and women jump start their way into healthy, sustainable lifestyles. To keep up with the latest updates in the health and fitness world, check out our blog.


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