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The San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District will conduct a truck-mounted ultra-low volume (ULV) treatment to suppress populations of aggressive day-biting Asian tiger mosquitoes during the early morning hours of Thursday August 15th beginning at 12:00am (midnight) and continuing until approximately 5:00am. This treatment may be canceled or postponed to August 16, 2013 if weather conditions are not favorable.
As the summer progresses, the Asian tiger mosquito population in several neighborhoods in the city of El Monte continues to rise. In an ongoing effort to eradicate this infestation, the District will target adult mosquitoes by applying the pesticide AQUADUET™.

AQUADUET™ is a water-based adulticide. The product will be applied at a rate of .67 fluid ounces per acre as a ULV fog targeting adult mosquitoes. The areas scheduled for treatment are shown below. An interactive Google map of these areas can be found at:

The active ingredients in AQUADUET™ are Prallethrin and Sumithrin. Both are pyrethroids, synthetic versions of pyrethrin pesticides produced from plants. The combination of the two pesticides causes the mosquitoes to become agitated and fly from their resting areas, making them more vulnerable to pesticide exposure. This makes AQUADUET™ more effective against hard-to-control species like Aedes albopictus (the Asian tiger mosquito) which typically rest during the early morning hours when adulticiding is most effective and least likely to impact other insects.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers pyrethroid-containing products to be slightly toxic with minimal potential risk to people. Residents are not required to take any special precautions however people are advised to remain indoors during the treatment period.

AQUADUET™ is toxic to fish and aquatic insects. The District recommends residents cover fish ponds during the application to prevent possible deposition of droplets. Outdoor pet food and water bowls should be covered or moved indoors during the treatment. The product breaks down rapidly in sunlight and will not leave a residue.

Additional information about AQUADUET™ can be found at

The Asian tiger mosquito can be identified by its unique size, color, and feeding habits. The mosquito is approximately ¼ inch long and has distinctive black and white stripes across its body and legs. This is an aggressive day-time biting mosquito that can transmit the viruses that cause dengue, chikungunya, and encephalitis.

Residents are urged to:
” CALL and REPORT any sightings of small, black and white mosquitoes, or if you are being bitten by mosquitoes during the day!
” DUMP and DRAIN all standing water around your home.
” DISCARD any containers, cans, buckets, and old tires around the home or store them so they do not collect water.
” Remove any water dishes from beneath potted plants and drill drain holes in all decorative flower pots, tire swings, and trash cans.
” Do not store water in uncovered buckets or rain barrels. Ensure rain barrels are completely sealed to prevent mosquito entry.
” Empty bird baths and small fountains completely or clean them thoroughly every 3 days.
” Clean out rain gutters and lawn drains to ensure water does not collect.
” Talk to your neighbors about preventing mosquitoes from breeding.
For more information about the Asian tiger mosquito, to submit a service request, or to report possible sightings, please contact the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District at (626)814-9466 (


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