Mt. Wilson trail race 16-week training begins

For the eighth year in a row, MWTR Committee Member and 10 plus year trail racer Eric LeClair and Team CrossFit Academy will be returning to Kersting Ct. on February 2nd at 7am for their free 16 week training program. This free Saturday training program has been responsible for helping not only brand new runners prepare for the race in a safe and effective manner, but has also produced an amazing 30+ Top 3 age bracket medals in the past five years alone. Coach LeClair’s training philiopsphy is straight forward and simple: Effective training + quality nutrition + quality recovery will prevail every time. The free Saturday training is first broken into both ability brackets with three scales: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Your own personal race goals will often dictate where you belong. The training allows the participants to get a feel for what running on the actual race course feels like, both at elevation and on the narrow turns. The training also rotates back and forth weekly between the historic Mt. Wilson Trail and the scenic streets of Sierra Madre. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable trail runing shoes, normal running attire, and to bring fluids for hydration both during and after the practice. During the 16 weeks, the training also includes field trips to the Derby Day 5k in Arcadia and Monrovia’s Fountain To The Falls Race. Both of these events are great tune-ups for newer racers to test race-day nutrition, timing, shoes, and pacing. If there are any questions regarding these free training sessions feel free to contact Coach LeClair at 626-437-8739 or at He is more than happy to outline either the training protocols or help you decide which bracket you may belong in.
2009 Race begins
-Photo by Terry Miller


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