Survey Reveals Grandparents of Millennials Can be Embarrassing on Social Media

Half of people surveyed say they don’t want grandparents commenting on their social life. – Courtesy photo

A new survey reveals that grandkids enjoy having grandma and grandpa on Facebook, but some grandchildren secretly want to unfriend their grandparents because they post embarrassing stuff!

The survey uncovers the Top 5 Facebook No-Nos for Grandparents.

  1. Post Personal Stuff

-1 in 4 respondents say their grandparents post TMI (too much information) about their love life, social life or sex life.

-More than 1/3 say grandma or grandpa post dirty laundry about family feuds or finances.

  1. Rant and Rave

-1 out of 5 grandchildren say Grammy goes “Emoji crazy” in comments or posts.

-33 percent of respondents say they don’t like when grandparent (s) get to political or go holy roller, posting too much about religion (28 percent).

  1. Tread on Personal Turf​​

-1 in 4 respondents say it’s not cool when Grandma tries to friend THEIR friends.

30 percent of grandkids say it’s embarrassing when Mimi or Pops post personal comments in public places, like their timeline.

-Half of people surveyed say they don’t want grandparents commenting on their social life.

-And a big “NO NO”:  Almost 1 in 4 grandkids say please, grandma, don’t comment about my appearance – whether it’s my hair, weight or clothes!

  1. Spread Doom, Gloom and Guilt

-25 percent of grandkids say they do not like to see grandparents post that they are lonely, unhappy, sick or sad.

-1 out of 5 respondents say they don’t like to see comments about grandparent’s health, medical issues or procedures.

-1 in 4 say they feel guilty when grandma posts “Why don’t you visit or call more?”

  1. Try to Act Cool

22 percent say it’s not cool when grandma or gramps tries to act cool.  And one respondent said he wants to hide when grandparents “comment in all caps.”


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