It’s fascinating to me that historical buildings have a way of bringing life to a location. When describing places that I have visited, the ones that cause goosebumps to create the memories that last a lifetime. 

This is especially true in Italy. Staying in Florence at Antica Torre Di ViaTornabuoni 1 was an incredible experience. This region is rich in culture, food, wine and history. If you’re into architecture, history and traditional human pleasures, this place will catch your breath.

The calm, romantic and relaxing demeanor of Florence, instantly puts you in a better mood, reminding you every second, that life is short and must be enjoyed to its fullest. 

It’s a different way of life from what most Americans experience. 

An excellent place to stay in Florence is Antica Torre Di ViaTornabuoni 1, which was once a medieval tower from the 13th century. It was turned into a historic mansion, with breathtaking views of Florence that no picture can do justice.

There are two terraces on the rooftop, where you can view the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore, the hills of Fiesole and Settignano, the Arno River, the Santa Trinita Bridge and Via Maggio, the church of San Miniato a Monte, Forte Belvedere, which was designed by Buontalenti, the hill of Bellosguardo, Palazzo Vecchio, and the bell tower of Santa Trinita. You can stand there for hours and be mesmerized by the detail and magic of this spot.  

Fantastic staff at Antica Torre Di ViaTornabuoni 1, will cater to the needs of large families, a honeymooning couple, or anyone in between. The warm and welcoming staff are unparalleled. It sets the bar high on your memories and will keep you coming back year after year. 

The Tower restaurant, located in the Duomo Tower, offers an assortment of different food from the region of Florence. The Sound Immersion Breakfast is set in an outside seating area, where different sounds are played throughout the city to provide the perfect way to start your day in a classic Italian, relaxed and unforgettable breakfast setting. The breakfast is a unique feature of the hotel and is well worth experiencing.

Views from the guest’s rooms have vantage points of exquisite outlooks on this cultural and historic city. Each room is unique and designed to respect the Renaissance ideal of harmony and beauty. Inspired by the great masters, like Agnolo Gaddi, Giotto, Beato Angelico, Ambrogio Lorenzetti, every picture is worth seeing in person. 

It is true; location is everything. Antica Torre Di ViaTornabuoni1, is close to the train station in Santa Maria Novella, nearby shops, restaurants and the best view of Florence from the rooftop terrace. This ideal location has its perks of showing you every vantage point for you to experience. From the train station, tourists can travel through the rest of Florence to explore one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. 

If you’re interested in taking a tour, you simply must call Ricardo Teresi, who is from Sunny Tuscany. Ricardo is an expert on wine tours in and around Italy. He is fluent in English (which is extremely helpful) and has been highly recommended by many people over the years.

Wine tours can include exciting diversions, such as a World War II cemetery, where 4,000 American soldiers are buried, butcher shops, winemakers and boutique shops for handmade goods. A typical tour is affordable at around 400-500 Euro for groups of 1-8 people. Some of the local hot spots include Giovanni, which is a fantastic restaurant in the city center that is locally loved. Harry’s bar is also a favorite place to sip & savor in Florence.

If you follow my column, Keys 2 the Coast, you know that family is everything to me. A huge benefit is that everyone of all ages, can find things to do, which will make a lifetime memories. Think about options such as gelato making, pizza making, scavenger hunts and seasonal experiences, that will not only keep the kids emerged in culture but will also stand as a learning experience. Let’s face it, kids get bored quickly, and with the fact that tours are catered to your interests, makes so much more sense when you’re planning your trip as a family. 

If you have the opportunity, stay at Antica Torre Di ViaTornabuoni 1, this medieval tower from the 13th century turned historical mansion, opened its culture, history, and doors to us. 

My husband and I are booked to visit again this year. Everything about it is classic Italian. It’s warm, cozy and the views are jaw-dropping. 


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