Sightseeing is all fine and dandy but we all need to let the inner bohemian roam now and then, so why not kill two flies with one blow? You can visit some truly amazing destination while you satiate your deep need for gourmet food, nice drinks, and quality parties.

Naturally, “a party” is a broad notion, from wild rave pits at festivals to slow jazz nights in a small club. With that diversity of entertainment in mind, here are some of the most promising bohemian holiday places to visit in 2020.

Belgrade. – Courtesy photo

Belgrade, Serbia

In search of bohemian adventures, individuals from all around the globe flock to the heart of Europe and pick an array of destinations between Munich in the north and Belgrade in the south, but that southernmost destination is what piques the interest of many travelers these days.

What surprises most people is how big Belgrade is. The architecture is insanely diverse and it covers everything from baroque-inflected buildings (churches are particular highlights) to monolithic residential buildings that represent the highlight of brutalism of the socialist era.

However, the city is mostly renowned for its wild and rich nightlife along the coastline of Danube. The rafts along the riverside are synonymous—to residents and visitors alike—with fully-unleashed barely-regulated partying. Plan your clothing and jewelry right and put on accessories that can easily serve as daily and nightly outfits. You’ll probably get swept up in the alluring rhythm of the city.

The city also has a wonderful cultural hallmark of bohemian culture—the famed Skadarlija quarter. As you stroll down the street of historically preserved tavern fronts, you’ll feel transported through time to a simpler age when people gathered in respectful and dubious establishments for a tall glass of wine after work.  

Kauai. – Courtesy photo

Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai is a hidden gem of an island on the south-western tip of the archipelago. This is a go-to place for bohemians in search of absolute relaxation, especially during springtime.

If you ask anyone that had visited Kauai, they’ll laud the island as a yoga-central, an eco-friendly paradise with pristine beaches and nice food. The secret of its impeccable appearance is the particular focus of residents on environmental preservation. Plastic bags are completely banned and there are strict limitations when it comes to urban development.

However, this is not to say that you cannot have a nice time on Kauai. After all, there are over 60 beaches at your disposal as well as numerous food options.

Yes, you can relish in the rich tastes of a Hawaiian kitchen, but there are also Chinese, Japanese and even Portuguese options if you yearn for a culinary adventure as well. Kauai also has chocolate farm tours, which is a sinfully delish adventure in and of itself.

Cape MacLear, Malawi. – Courtesy photo

Cape MacLear, Malawi

Have you ever heard of Lake Malawi, Africa’s third-largest and second deepest inland body of water? Chembe, also known as Cape MacLear, is a township on the Nankumba Peninsula, which extends into the waters of the enormous lake on its southernmost tip. As a bohemian destination, the hotspot is a superb mix of hedonistic services and natural splendor. This is a destination for backpackers that feel like wayward spirits on a search for transcendental beauty of life and adventure.

The destination boasts everything a traveler in search of enjoyment needs—top-notch restaurants, jolly bars, as well as incredible guesthouses and lodges. Beyond the regular feast for the senses offered by these familiar highlights, there is a whole range of exciting activities to partake in.

Water-bound escapades await those that enjoy boat cruises, kayaking, snorkeling, and diving, but there are also ample opportunities all around for tranquil hiking adventures as well.

Koh Phangan, Thailand. – Courtesy photo

Ko Phangan, Thailand

The Gulf of Thailand hides many bohemian secrets, but if you’d be forced to pick one, just as an amuse-bouche for your future local endeavors, look no further than Ko Phanhan. The small island is a notable spot on the epic Hippy Trail due to the origin of a hotspot which has now become the stuff of legend.

Around 40 years ago, several vagabond travelers decided to rest on a Ko Phanhan during the full moon, and they started playing music for their amusement. The tradition caught on, and the number of people that visited every year only increased until it turned into a full-fledged event

The Full Moon Party is one of the leading events in the region now, and it has everything a bohemian traveler requires for endless nights of joyful music, adrenaline-pumping parties, night-swimming, glow sticks, greasy food, the whole movable feast.


These are by no means unknown destinations. Rather, they are rarely sought gems that have that special appeal, a unique quality and atmosphere that only bohemians know how to savor. They are not about packet tourist traps with buzzing individuals armed with selfie sticks. They are perfect destinations for people that love to stop now and then and savor every hedonistic aspect, texture, scent, and patina of a destination.


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