Adam Schiff appointed to Benghazi select committee

adam schiff

Washington, DC –Today, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), a senior Member of the Intelligence Committee, released the following statement after being appointed to the Select Committee on Benghazi:

“I’ve been involved in the investigation into Benghazi from day one as a Member of the Intelligence Committee because like every other American I want to know what happened, why it happened, how we can keep it from happening again, and I want to bring to justice those that perpetrated this horrible attack. But almost 18 months later, and after 8 reports from House and Senate committees and the Accountability Review Board, the questions that this select committee purports to investigate have been asked and answered time and time and time again.

“This morning, Leader Pelosi asked if I would serve on the select committee on Benghazi. While I do not believe that yet another committee to investigate Benghazi is either needed or warranted, I said that if it was felt I could add value I would serve.

“We must keep our focus where it should have been all along – on the deaths of those four brave Americans, on finding those responsible and bringing them to justice, and on implementing changes to our overseas security to make sure this never happens again. It is my hope that this latest investigative effort does not degenerate into a select committee on talking points, and that we retain a focus on the things that really matter – improving security and finding the killers.”


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