Another Pasadena Police Officer Charged with Abuse

By Terry Miller
In a court declaration filed Thursday July 11, a man claims he was kidnapped and beaten by three Pasadena police detectives working a homicide case.
Jeremi Carr, 24, identified the detectives as Kevin Okamoto, Keith Gomez and William Broghamer in a complaint sent last week to Phillip L. Sanchez, Pasadena Police Chief . The alleged incidents took place five years ago.
The allegations filed by Attorney Michael Kraut, a former District Attorney, claim the officers mentioned above beat Carr in an effort to coerce him into making false statements in a 2007 murder investigation.
The 19 page document details “harassment, kidnapping, false imprisonment and battery,” against Jeremi Carr at the hands of the above mentioned officers.
The Chief has decided, in light of the new additional complaint, to re-open the 2007 complaint and out source the investigation to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept, according to Lt P. Riddle of the Pasadena Police Dept.
In an unrelated document, the attorney for the McDade Family, Caree Harper, has filed an “opposition to Defendant’s Motions” hoping to keep Corporal Gomez’ name in that litigation.
In 2011, Pasadena Police responded to 350,000 calls with a less than 1% complaint ratio regarding officer misconduct.


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