As Wildfires Heat Up in California, Only 1 in 4 Americans Have a Disaster Plan

Courtesy photo / KOMUnews (CC BY 2.0)

Wildfire season is off to a destructive start, leaving communities still struggling with COVID-19 to defend against two threats. Nearly 70% of Americans say they are concerned about weather-related disasters, but less than half have a disaster plan, and 44% say they’re not sure how to prepare for wildfires, according to a poll conducted July 9-11, 2019, on behalf of Allstate by Morning Consult among a national sample of 2,200 adults. 

Wildfire Disaster Planning Tips:

  1. Take a Home Inventory: Make a detailed list of your assets in case you need to file an insurance claim. Using a mobile app can be an easy and effective way to keep the list and take photos. Your insurance provider may offer digital services to help you store this information but there are also numerous apps to help you.
  2. Build a Disaster Kit: It should contain basic supplies to last a few days without water or electricity. Essentials include water bottles, first-aid kits, flashlights, emergency blankets, hand sanitizer, and rain ponchos.
  3. Create a Household Emergency Evacuation Plan: It should include a family meeting place in your neighborhood that’s safe during and after the pandemic.
  4. Protect Your Home from a Wildfire: Keep flammable materials away from your home and create buffers using landscaping.

California is listed as number one on the top 10 “Most Wildfire-Prone States” list, according to the Insurance Information Institute‘s, with over 2 million properties at risk.


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