Assemblymember Portantino to California Legislators: Eight is Enough

Reintroduces Salary Freeze Measure (AB 1787)

For the eighth time, Assemblymember Anthony Portantino (D-La Cañada Flintridge) has introduced a measure to freeze the pay of California’s highest paid employees.
AB 1787 calls for a two-year freeze on state employees who earn over $100,000 – thousands of state employees could be subject to the salary and bonus freeze.
“It is unacceptable to be giving raises and bonuses when we are still struggling with a budget deficit in the billions and one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation,” stated Assemblymember Portantino. “Over the past four years, my bills on this issue have been held on “suspense” in the Assembly even though it saves the state money. I have reduced the salary amount so the state can save even more money. If President Obama can freeze the salaries of White House employees making $100,000 or more, why can’t we do the same here in California?”
According to the State Controller, some 3, 300 state employees could be affected by the bill and more if University of California employees are included. The potential savings would be in the tens of millions. While it is not binding for the University of California, the measure urges the Regents to adopt the policy for UC employees. As with previous versions of this bill, public safety employees and employees covered by contracts would be exempt.

“Freezing the salaries of the highest paid state employees until our economy recovers is a logical place to reduce spending and a way to show the people of California that we understand the difficulties every family is facing. At a time when we are asking seniors, students, children, and taxpayers to bear the budget burden, the least we can do is freeze these high salaries until we can see our way clear of the budget crises.”


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