Be Spotlighted by the Press as a Local FAVORITE

- Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News
– Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

Readers’ Choice 2018, ‘Power of the Press’

Coming soon, Beacon Media News, publisher of Arcadia Weekly, Monrovia Weekly, Pasadena Independent and Sierra Madre Weekly (AMPS) will publish a glossy magazine with a plethora of winners within local communities.

Thanks to our readers who believe in the ‘Power of the Press,’ thousands of participants will diligently participate in our annual and fun online voting ballot in efforts to shine a spotlight on all of their local FAVORITES! From bookkeeper to Barber; Bistro to Barista; or simply a preference when it comes to selecting a Doctor or Designer, multiple establishments will be recognized by the power of readers in this year’s Readers’ Choice.

Why be spotlighted as a Readers’ Choice FAVORITE? To be voted as a local favorite by thousands of residents will not only garnish an increase in visibility, as all the winners have an “about” published in the glossy magazine, but a certificate of recognition will also be created and personally delivered so that winners can share the fact that they are the ‘local favorite.’ Not to mention, the social media blast announcing all the winners across Beacon Media News’ multiple publications’ social media accounts.

So how does one become a local FAVORITE? Before winning the spotlight, local establishments must first be nominated in the open ballot. Once the top five nominees have been selected (according to the most votes) readers will then vote for the winner!

The open nomination ballot begins in April, stay tuned for details!


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