Bill Harrington named Temple City Deputy of the Year

For over a decade Temple City has honored one Deputy Sheriff and one Firefighter for their outstanding service to the city. At the City Council meeting on Tuesday, February 5, Bill Harrington was honored as the Deputy of the Year. He was selected by the supervisory personnel at Temple Sheriff’s Station. This is the second time Harrington has received this honor, originally in 1997.
Harrington has been a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy for 25 years; eighteen of those years have been at Temple Station. For most of these years he has patrolled Temple City itself (the station serves several other contract cities as well as unincorporated areas of the county). He works in patrol and therefore is in daily contact with the people of Temple City.
Sgt. Ronald Miranda, said he has known Harrington since they were in the Sheriff’s Academy together in 1988: “He has never lost his enthusiasm; he is still a hard worker.”
Miranda described Harrington as one who is always engaged in the community. “I would describe him as being proactive rather than reactive,” he said. Even though he regularly works traffic accidents, and “traffic enforcement” (read for that “writing tickets”), Miranda said that he always manages to do so in a “positive manner. He doesn’t leave people feeling angry.” Miranda explained.
When contacted by Beacon Media Wednesday, Harrington said humbly “ I didn’t tell anyone about it ( the award). While I truly am grateful for the award, any one of our fine deputies at Temple Station could be up here accepting this admiration. We have a terrific group of talented, caring and dedicated deputies who do their very best every day to protect and serve the community.”
“I am deeply honored to be selected by my peers and superiors who selected me for this. I would also like to thank the members of the Temple City council,” Harrington concluded.
Miranda summed up his assessment of Harrington saying “He is the kind of guy you’re are glad to have protecting your community.”
Temple’s Station’s Captain, Christopher Nee, said he was equally proud of Harrington, pointing out that the sergeant and fellow deputies made the selection.
“Even though he is very active in enforcing the law, I have never had a complaint about him,” Nee said. “He is a loyal guy who truly cares about the community he serves,” the captain said, adding: “He is the type of person who picks up those around him. I have never seen him down. He cheers up the people he works with and encounters.”
Miranda concluded saying, “I couldn’t support a better candidate for this honor.”
In addition to having his name added a second time to the perpetual trophy, Harrington will also receive a plaque and be honored at a dinner later in the year.
Next week we will profile, Andrew Ahten, Los Angeles County Firefighter of the Year who was also honored on Tuesday.
Temple City Mayor Vincent Yu congratulates Bill Harrington Tuesday evening.
Inside pic harrington
Deputy Harrington advises a cyclist to wear his helmet.
-Story by Susan Motander and photos by Terry Miller


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