California Fish and Game Wardens Anesthetize Roaming Bear in Monrovia

Media vans clog the usually quiet Highland place Friday morning. - Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

Social media slams local TV stations for excessive helicopter noise

By Terry Miller

For the second day in a row, Monrovia residents were jolted out of their beds when local news helicopters distracted those attempting to sleep at 5 a.m. hope to get a glimpse of a large bear roaming near Mayflower and Highland Place. ABC and KTLA helicopters hovered for what seemed to be an eternity early Friday.

Neither the noise of the helicopters, nor presence the media news vans, seemed to disturb the bear as he wandered the neighborhood for food. However, many residents were up in arms Friday morning incensed by the early morning chopper talk that literally awoke residents North of Foothill Boulevard.

On Facebook, Monrovia Councilwoman Becky Shevlin voiced her disdain for the choppers awakening the peaceful community of Monrovia for a bear sighting. “Over the top…” Shevlin said.

Helicopters awoke residents in the early morning. – Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

Jen Eginton Peterson said: “I will vote for any council member who initiates an ordinance prohibiting the coverage of Bear [sic] sightings by helicopter.”

Mary Beth Zipper Cavanaugh  said: “Need Monrovia Wildlife [sic] protections. Being surrounding [sic] by media circus lights, noise, smells will make them panic, act “”erratically” [sic] (for human standards) and get our co- habitants killed!”

News vehicles and photographers followed the bear as it sauntered along sidewalks and visited the porch of one home on Highland Place.

California Fish & Wildlife said the bear was reportedly tranquilized at that location at about 8 a.m.


  1. I support implementing a City ordinance preventing Outside Media infringing on our Community just to report on our wildlife, as one reporter said tryingvto be cute “Up close & personal with a bear roaming around in Monrovia” This kind of media circus we do not need, the way the reporters were approaching this bear could have very well caused anyone to be hurt & the bear would have been euthanized. This incident should open the eyes of Our Community & we should All spaek out against this.


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