By Susan Motander

Monrovia’s new city manager, Dylan Feik, (it is pronounced to rhyme with seek) was raised in the small community of Mountain Green, Utah. He attended Weber State University in Ogden, Utah and majored in political science. He continued his education at the University of Kansas and earned a master’s in public administration with an emphasis on city management.

He is married and has three children. He explained they had met on a blind date. “I thought it was love at first sight, but I had to work on her,” he explained. Their children are still quite young: the oldest, Gabe, being only 7, followed by Benson at 4, and baby sister Eden who is only 18 months old.

“We have found a home in Monrovia to rent for the first year while we look for something more permanent,” he said. The oldest boy is already in a dual language immersion program to Spanish and will continue that education at Monroe School. He said he and his wife intend to send all their children to Monrovia Unified schools.

“I grew up wanting to build communities,” he said, which naturally lead him into public administration. “I believe the elected officials should set the policy for a community and those in the city staff are there to facilitate that policy.”

Feik and his wife plan to send all their children to Monrovia schools. – Courtesy photo

He said he admired several of the innovative programs in Monrovia such as GoMonrovia, and also liked Monrovia Renewal saying: “Infrastructure is important to every community.”

He also acknowledged that he liked the strong sense of community in the city and the number of family activities in town. “I understand the Christmas season is especially important in Old Town,” and said he and his family were looking forward to participating in many local activities.


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