Monrovia Assesses Bobcat Fire Damage

File photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

City staff is coordinating damage assessments for Monrovia Canyon Park, the Hillside Wilderness Preserve, and city buildings. Many city facilities suffered smoke damage and the city will be using an industrial hygienist to inspect facilities, IT equipment, HVAC systems, etc. and ensure any damage is repaired.

In the wake of the Bobcat Fire, the city has received calls from concerned residents about injured wildlife. City staff are reportedly working with the Department of Fish and Wildlife to develop plans to assist injured animals when needed. Each incident will be assessed independently and on a case by case bases so residents should provide as much information as possible when making a report.

To report an injured animal, residents should call (626) 255-6799. Some things that may be helpful to include:

  • Location of animal (be specific as possible). If the animal is moving on its own, that may hamper the efforts of the Department of Fish and Wildlife.
  • Provide your observations on the health of the animal.
  • Any descriptive qualities about the animal and its species.

The city’s park naturalist will take the report and follow up with the Department of Fish and Wildlife as needed. Residents are encouraged to not approach the animal or try to contain the animal.  If you have any specific questions related to the Bobcat Fire, send an email to


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