Monrovia City Council Approves Rate Increases for Solid Waste Services

Athens Services
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On Aug. 4, the Monrovia City Council reviewed and considered a proposed rate adjustment from Athens Services to all solid waste accounts across the city. The approved rate adjustment includes consideration for impacts related to AB 1594, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and wage considerations. As outlined below, the adjustment of 5.66% includes:

AB 1594 Impacts                                                            3.64%
Annual CPI Adjustment        1.70%
Annual Minimum Wage Adjustment     0.32%  
Total Requested Adjustment  5.66%

When applying the adjusted rates, the typical customers will see monthly increases of:

Residential (three 90-gallon carts) $1.88 per month
Multi-family (one 3-yard bin, once per week)           $10.72 per month  
Commercial (one 3-yard bin, once per week)           $10.91 per month  

The updated rates will be reflected on the next billing cycle and will include retroactive billing to the period beginning July 1. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact Athens Customer Service at (888) 336-6100 or the Public Works Department at (626) 932-5575.


  1. You are just reprinting a press release..which conveniently does not print what each resident will pay after the increase…very lazy journalism


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