Monrovia City Manager Shares Updated City Plans to Deal With Covid-19

city plans for Covid-19
– Courtesy photo / City of Monrovia

On Friday, the city announced it would temporarily close certain public facilities to reduce the potential exposure to Covid-19. At the time, the city proactively closed Canyon Park, the Hillside Wilderness Preserve, the Monrovia Public and the Monrovia Community Center. Since then, schools have closed, clubs and gyms have closed, and even some businesses are closing to prevent community spread of COVID-19.

Canyon Park and the Hillside Wilderness Preserve reopened Tuesday as they “provide much needed mental and physical wellness benefits to Monrovians,” according to the City Manager’s Office. The Monrovia Community Center and Monrovia Public Library are still temporarily closed.

Beginning on Wednesday, March 18, the city is limiting public access to city facilities including City Hall, Fire Station 101 and 102, Public Works, Community Center and Public Library. The Police Station will also be restricted but the lobby will remain open for payment of water bills. Even though facilities are closing to the public to help prevent further community spread of COVID-19, staff will remain working.

Anyone looking to contact the city has a variety of ways to do so:

Administrative Services  Water Billing  (626) 932-5517 
City Manager’s Office COVID-19, City Clerk’s Office  (626) 932-5512 
Community Development  Building Permits, Plan Check, Code Enforcement (626) 932-5565 
Community Services  Canyon Park, Library, Community Center, Recreation (626) 256-8246
Fire  Response, Prevention, Inspection (626) 256-8181 
Police  Patrol, Parking, Records (626) 256-8000
Public Works  Trash, Water, Sewer, Right-of-Way (626) 932-5575 

You can contact any city employee who can be found in the City Staff Directory

For COVID-19 questions, you can send questions to and receive a response immediately.

Finally, the City Council will consider several actions which reduce the financial impacts residents are already experiencing related to COVID-19. These actions include:

  • Waiving late payment penalties for unpaid water bills through April 30.
  • Waiving water disconnections/shutoffs through April 30.
  • Waiving parking citations (except for parking that’s hazardous to the public) through April 30.
  • Under its emergency authority, banning landlord evictions for reasons related to COVID-19 through April 30.


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