Monrovia City Manager Warns Expanded Outdoor Dining Pilot Program Could End

Outdoor dining
Expanded Outdoor dining outside The Peach Cafe. - Photo by Fabiola Diaz / Beacon Media News

In order for the City of Monrovia to allow expanded outdoor dining to occur, the city must certify that Safer at Work and in the Community protocols are followed, masks are worn, and physical distancing is practiced. If business owners, residents and patrons cannot adhere to the guidelines, the pilot program will have to end, Monrovia City Manager Dylan Feik wrote in an update Wednesday afternoon.

To keep the program alive and successful the city manager has outlined the following guidelines:

  • All visitors must wear a mask when not eating and drinking. This includes those walking in the street or waiting for a table.
  • All alcohol must be consumed at the dining table. At no time should customers walk in the street with an alcohol beverage.
  • Patrons must be seated 6 feet apart from other parties. Outdoor dining tables must be placed 6 feet apart. Additionally, aisles will remain open to provide space for those walking in the street to move freely between the various expanded spaces.


  1. Why would anyone want to eat outside near the street with cars and trucks going by? If we are catching the Virus airborne and those cars and trucks create the air flow and we have our masks off why wouldn’t we think that a passing vehicle would lift the virus into our breathing? If we can get the virus inside because of air flow? why isn’t it possible when we are too near the street?

    • Exactly. It’s why you can’t turn on the ac in your car or crack the window. The coronavirus air will get into the car and you will breath it in.

      Same with ac in the house.

      Don’t get me started on people crop dust farting. Not only is the smell nasty but you are spreading the virus!

      Waving to friends across the street? More like creating a virus tornado with your hand!

      Just wait until people learn about learn about the giant solar energy windmills blowing entire cities or virus from one cutie to the next.

      Glad someone had the courage to speak up. Thank you.

  2. This will train wreck our state and our city. We risk our lively hood in order to save who. Who wants to be alive after seeing the government take away all that they have worked for, because of fear mogers, and threats of closing our businesses and people losing jobs, and our constitutional right to our own risk assessment. This not the plague nor will it ever be. Give us our freedom back NOW!! I do not want to beg our goviner for help after he put us in this mess in the first place not Co vid, him.

  3. I’m sorry you really don’t want to tame the virus? We really don’t know the entire workings of this Virus except that it kills those not paying attention of how most have been plaque by the virus. So it mite be your freedom you’re worrying about and care less about your life. So Mask it or Cask it. Your choice

  4. There really is no reason to make comments on the stories you print. The return comments just don’t relate to the original comment. Nor do they give another point of view to the story. It’s hard for me to believe that there are not more people out there that follow the news stories and not make comments. I applaud the Independent for providing the space to make comments but where are the people in our communities that pay attention and want to further the stories?


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