City of Monrovia Addressing Monrovia Transit Issues

Dial-A-Ride progresses its transition to service ADA individuals. – Courtesy photo
These were the vehicles previously in use.  – Courtesy photo

Following recent changes to Monrovia Transit, the city has received some negative feedback from Monrovia Transit ADA service users.

Monrovia Transit travelers dislike the smaller vans that were recently deployed. City staff expected that users would find it easier and faster to board and dismount from the scaled down ADA vehicles compared with the larger vans that were previously use. Given the feedback, city staff is reviewing its options. Amongst the options being considered is the possibility of using a different type of ADA accessible vehicle in the future.

According to the city manager’s office, there have also been “a few minor complaints” from ADA passengers and GoMonrovia concierge riders regarding dispatch operations. City staff investigated and found the problem had to do with a telephone dispatch system change that was coordinated by the transit and dispatch operation provider.

The city manager’s update reports that city staff has a “good game plan” to address riders’ issues and expects them to be resolved in the following weeks.


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