City of Monrovia to Distribute Educational Notices to Old Town Business as Result of Increase in Complaints

Old Town as seen from above. – Courtesy photo / Facebook, @OldTownMonrovia

In response to an increase in complaints the City of Monrovia has received regarding Old Town business activities, city staff has developed a proactive measure to assist business operators with compliance to development and permitting codes in Old Town.

The city will be sending an educational letter to all Old Town businesses reminding them that “In order to maintain the unique appearance and safety of Old Town certain business activities require additional approval beyond [their] business license as set forth by the Monrovia Municipal Code.” These activities include outdoor displays, signs, banners, dining; new signage on buildings, windows and awnings; and construction activities affecting the exterior and interior of buildings.

In the sample letter released by the city manager, Old Town business owners are informed that the Neighborhood Preservation and Planning Division will be performing an inventory of all noted business activities starting May 7.

To read the sample letter, click here.

April 23, 2019

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