Carjacking Suspect Arrested in Arcadia After Entering Monrovia Home

carjacking suspect
The suspect entered a home on Greystone. – Photo by Silentia Slaboch / Beacon Media News

By Susan Motander

Many people doubtless thought on Saturday that the media had spotted another bear in the northern neighborhoods of Monrovia. This time, however, it was police helicopters circling the area north of Foothill Boulevard, near Norumbega Drive. They were pursuing a carjacking suspect who started his parade in Orange County.

From there the suspect drove north into Riverside County where he is reported to have either threatened or assaulted a police officer with his vehicle. From there it was further north to the 210 Freeway. He exited in Monrovia, literally heading for the hills. 

On Greystone he left the carjacked vehicle and illegally entered a home where he threatened the woman resident demanding her car keys. Not successful in gaining a new vehicle, he returned to his original car and continued his flight.

Monrovia Police Chief Alan Sanvictores said Monrovia Police Department officers assisted the Monrovia victim while the California Highway Patrol (CHP) continued the pursuit. They followed the suspect into Arcadia where he attempted to ram his way between vehicles at a stop light. Failing to obtain another vehicle, he abandoned the carjacked vehicle and fled onto the 210 Freeway on foot (never a wise idea). It was there that he was apprehended by the CHP. He was returned to Orange County and the agency that originally started the pursuit and where the initial crime reportedly happened.

According to Sanvictores, the suspect will be charged with the attempted robbery in Monrovia along with many other charges resulting from the flight and his actions.


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